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Karate Classes Children

Your first step as New Member  into a karate club is always the biggest one , that could change your life. Remember every Black Belt begin as White Belt ,Karate is a great form of physical fitness, like Weight loss, Toning, and achieves your goals. karate training not only your body but your mind as well. The discipline developed from martial arts can help you and make it a life-long habit.After you have attended few classes you will decide if you wish to continue. 

Fill up our club Form bury skc Pack You need to purchase a Karate Licence under KUGB.ME for insurance purpose and attend any federation event as grading, competition.After that you need to purchase a karate uniform (karate gi )talk to your Sensei or teacher at the club Karate offers a coloured belt system where all students start at White belt and work up through different colours starting with White belt to and finally, Black belt. This serves not only to measure a child’s progress but also provides a journey to embark on. Children are encouraged to set goals for these belts, which teaches them life skills of setting a target and working towards achieving it. 

Karate Classes Teenager
Karate is not just kicking, punching, is far more than that. Karate give you lot of benefit in life , like Balance, meet new people, Exercise, Mental Health, Karate can teach teens and adults how to find their own personal sense of balance in their lives by making them more aware of their surroundings.
Learn Karate or Martial art especially for Children & Teenagers. Their Being able to control one’s own emotions in social situations is something that many of them struggle with, control their body  ,Mind and emotion in the some way Developing this skill as a young teen will carry over into adult life.The Karate benefit is treated equally regardless of size or gender, teaching you to build self confidence as you may be fighting someone that is bigger or stronger than yourself. Sparing with opponents, learning skills, and achieving goals all give students a sense of accomplishment and confidence.
One of the Most values of martial arts is respect. This respect is not just for your sensei (instructor) but also for yourself, your fellow classmates, and everything around you. Learning to have respect for things, no matter what, can help develop control and balance as well. For teens, learning respect will help in all aspects of their lives, be at school, friends, or a new job. It helps people of all ages to establish a sense of dignity and well being.
Karate Classes Adult
A class suitable for men and women to acquire traditional karate skills combining with a total body workout. Karate is an activity which develops both physical and mental abilities and is a great alternative to other sports, for more info please contact Sensei Antonio.Karate promotes two kinds of balance – physical balance and life balance. We all understand that the physical balance has to do with things like being able to stand stably on one foot, but life balance is something that is a little harder to come by in today’s world. Life is a balancing act, we need to learn to find a happy medium in all aspects of life: what we eat, how much time we spend working versus relaxing, spending time alone or with a group, etc.
This one is a less obvious benefit of learning martial arts, Karate can help develop this sense of self control. Many instructors have the philosophy that if you can learn to control your body absolutely, you can also learn to control your mind and emotion in the same way.. The detailed control learned in karate helps students to understand how they completely control their own actions and can then learn to manipulate their thoughts and emotions effectively.
In martial arts, everyone. Because of this, students face a wide range of opponents. This array of opponents can help build self-confidence because you

Syllabus Information

The Bury St Edmunds skc club, prepare the student to study Kata , Kihon and particular technics,wich can be use to fight .
has a grading system that allows all students to proceed through next levels, or grades, signifying their growth and development. Whilst it is mandatory for students to go through the grading system,adults and children to have their progress recognized with a Color Belt. Every belt have their own set patten.

Syllabus Kyu Grading ¦ Syllabus Dan Grading

What Kata Mean

Kata is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organized into a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes, blocks, and throws. Virtually all of the katas taught today in  Shotokan system have two kiai points. 

Grading are held normally in Ipswich once every 3 / 4 month.
Students from numerous dojos attend this and grade as a collective group. Students are only tested on the techniques required for their belt grade.a formal presentation will be awarded Grading Certificates and new belt at the Bury St Edmunds SKC Club

Kata Moves Meaning
Heian Shodan 21 "Peacefull Mind One"
Heian Nidan 26 "Peacefull Mind Two"
Heian Sandan 20 "Peacefull Mind Three"
Heian Yondan 27 "Peacefull Mind Four"
Heian Godan 23 "Peacefull Mind Five Universe"
Tekki Shodan 23 "Iron Horse One"
Tekki Nidan 24 "Iron Horse Two"
Tekki Sandan 26 "Iron Horse Three"
Bassai Dai 42 "Penetrating the Fortress-Big"
Bassai Sho 27 "Penetrating the Fortress - Small"
Kanku Dai 65 "To look at the Sky - Big"
Kanku Sho 48 "To look at the Sky - Small"
Enpi 37 "Flying Swallow"
Jion 47 "Love (and) Goodness"
Gankaku 42 "Crane on the Rock"
Hangetsu 41 "Half Moon"
Jitte 24 "Ten Hands"
Chinte 32 "Incredible Hands"
Sochin 41 "Preserve Peace"
Meikyo 33 "Mirror of the soul"
Jiin 38 "Named after the Saint"
Gojushiho Dai 67 "54 Steps - Big"
Gojushiho Sho 65 "54 Steps - Small"
Nijushiho 24 "24 Steps"
Wankan 24 "Crown of a king"
Unsu 48 "Cloud Hands"

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