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Antonnio Cadeddu Instructor 5th dan

Born In Verbania Pallanza 04/12/1967 at present living in Sudbury (Suffolk) England. I started to practice Martial Arts when I was very young, my first taste was in the form of Tai Chi Chuan style (Chen) watching the fluid movements and being so powerful.
After spending 8 years studying and practising this style, I travelled around Italy many times to do courses with different International Instructors. During my travel I met many people as equally enthusiastic as me to share information and new techniques. I remember meeting an Aikido teacher who was talking about Ueshiba Shirai, a man who delivered a lot of power and throwing people on the other side of the tatami in just a single and easy movement. This looks and sounds easy, but it's not! I think that was the reason why I swapped to Aikido. As I was still learning, I grew curios about the differences, and I wanted to learn a new and better style. The more interesting aspects for me were 1) Grabbing 2) Locking 3) Throwing. More importantly using your opponent’s power, size and strength against them. 
My first teacher in Aikido was Sensei Carta who now holds a 5 Dan in aikido and 6dan Judo ex Italian Squad, I spent 17 years training to achieve my sandan, in this period I went all over Italy, Switzerland, Germany doing different courses with different instructors of Aikido. During my studies I also practiced Karate Shotokan, which around 1979 I achieved my 1 dan, in 1985 I achieved my 2 dan, in 1993 my 3dan and around 1998 my 4dan. I belonged to the FIKTEDA which was founded from M* Hiroshi Shirai. I was very surprised by the way he demonstrated the techniques of the kata or how to apply, most importantly he was always there for any questions. I studied and completed many courses all around Italy, Switzerland, Germany. with very good Italians. Filippo Masi 6-time European champion in Kumite, or Sensei Gianni Pera, Carlo Henke, Sensei Carlo Fugazza, I remember travelling miles just to be there in any course where there was always something new to learn. In 2002/03 I arrived in England where I found many good federations to join and chose the TSKA (traditional Shotokan Karate Association) In 2003 I moved to Sudbury, Suffolk and I joined the JKA under Chief Instructor Sensei Y. Otha, but I spent 4 years. In the same year I started to train at stoke-by-Nayland club which belongs to the KUGB. Opened in 1967 from Sensei Enoeda Now under the chief and Chairmen Sensei Andy Sherry, 9dan which regularly come down from Liverpool to do the grading and Courses. Since the day I joined KUGB I have completed many other courses with Sensei Frank Brennan 8 dan and chief of Kugb.At present as you can see, I run my own club Under the federation KUGB.

Now I hold the 5dan in KUGB, KUGB qualified Instructor, qualified Assessor

Adam Sharpe 1st Dan

Adam began his karate journey with Kyokushinkai and then transitioned over to Shotokan reaching 1st Kyu under Sensei Arnold. Following the closure of the club, took a break to focus on family and work. Restarted under Sensei Antonio Cadeddu, achieving 1st Dan in Feb 2022. Outside the Dojo, Adam enjoys spending time with his family, cross-training by running and cycling, listening to music, and self-improvement.
"It's not easy, keeping fit and mastering the many katas, it requires commitment and dedication and is always a continuous improvement. However, helping others grow and learn is very rewarding, with excellent opportunities to train with the wider karate community."

Daniel Gortat Ist Dan

Sensei Daniel Gortat joined Bury St Edmunds Karate Club in October 2021 as a 1st Kyu. Under the skilful mentoring of Sensei Antonio Cadeddu, who, in his turn, has been practicing shotokan karate for 43 years, Daniel graded Shodan (black belt) in February 2022 with the grading examiners: Sensei Frank Brennan, British karate champion in the 1970’s and 80’s, and Sensei Billy Higgins, a gold medalist in Men's Kumite in 1975.

Daniel’s karate training began at Cambridge University Karate Club in 2017 under Sensei Richard Poole, president of the World Shotokan Karate-do Association, with Sensei Bob Poynton, Shotokan Cup Grand Champion in 1976-78, as the grading examiner. Whilst training there, Daniel competed in 2018 KUGB Kyu Grades Championships where he won bronze in Men's Ippon Kumite.

Since becoming a black belt, Sensei Daniel has started instructing the beginners' classes at Bury St Edmunds Karate Club. Being a physicist by trade, he particularly enjoys the mechanics behind karate as a sport, focusing on how to improve body speed, power and clarity of movement. In addition, he acquaints the students with the history, philosophy and Japanese language used in the shotokan karate terminology.

Sensei Daniel continues to pursue his own training by attending the adult classes at Bury St Edmunds Karate Club and KUGB seminars. In February 2022, he has successfully passed the selection for 2022 KUGB Kata Squad training.

William Glover 2 Dan

I started mixed martial arts in 2015 and having preferred the karate aspect moved to Barrow Shotokan Karate club aged six a year later. Based on recommendation I thereafter moved to a karate club in Haverhill competing in competitions as a kyu grade and enjoying some success. I achieved my 1st Dan in 2019 under Joe Anderson head of Toyakwai Karate Association. In 2022 I joined Sensei Antonio Cadeddu’s Shotokan karate club, the Bury St. Edmund’s branch of KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) and sat my young leader bronze level in the December of that year. In February 2023 I sat my second dan black under Sensei Frank Brennan and Sensei Billy Higgins. I continue to train under the skilful Sensei Antonio and hope to improve in the future.    




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